The Long-Range Planning Committee has presented the plan on February 13th. The ideas and suggestions in the plan are designed to help Southside in Jacksonville, FL continue building our church family while reaching out to include our neighbors and the local community.  The presentation was led by committee member Kim Rinaman and focused on how plans from the past have guided the church to our present position and how this process will help carry us into the bright future serving the Lord and loving each other. 

There are three suggested phases to the long-range plan. They invite us to consider making some changes in the near future, some in a few years, and then again some in about eight to ten years. These decisions will go through our church leadership structure, be communicated through the communication channels, and then approved by charge conferences and church conferences.  The long-range committee has worked very hard on this project and the ideas are certain to inspire everyone.  The work of this committee will have us looking toward a future that offers ministry opportunities and hope to our church family and the community around us.

- Pastor Phillip